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The Canadian Experience Class Program is developed for people of foreign nationalities who have been working in Canada as temporary workers and want to become permanent residents. So if you have been working in Canada for 1 year as a full time or part time employee in the past 3 years, then you can apply for the Canada Experience Class and try to become a permanent resident.

A permanent residence through the CEC program allows you to permanently move to Canada, as well as work and live in one of the provinces. After a few years, you will also be allowed to apply for Canadian Citizenship and get a Canadian passport. You will have the same benefits as other Canadian permanent residents or citizens, including medical benefits and the ability to study in Canadian universities if you or your children choose to.

What are the requirements of Canada Experience Class?

In order to apply for the Canada Experience Class, you must first determine your eligibility. There are several requirements which you must fulfill and you can determine if you do by taking a quick test or survey on the Canadian immigration website. By clicking the button “Check your Eligibility”, you will go through the test which has various questions on your background. This test determines whether you fulfill the requirements and if you do, it will generate an application number which you can later use.

  • Work Experience and Occupation Level
  • Language Ability and Education
  • Admissibility